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Precision Coatings, Inc.
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Quality Coating Solutions You Can Count On

Precision Coatings, Inc. is a thermal spray coating and non-stick industrial coating applicator serving a variety of industries.

Thermal spray coatings provide wear and corrosion resistance, enhance coefficient of friction, provide gripping surfaces, electrical properties, non-stick properties and can act as thermal barriers.

Our coatings give your machine components unparalleled performance and the advantage of greater design flexibility.

  • Non-Stick Coatings - PTFE, DURA-SLIDE™
  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings
  • Wear Resistant Coatings
  • Hard Chrome Replacement Coatings
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Electrically Conductive Coatings
  • EMI/FRI Shielding Coatings
  • Dielectric Coatings

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