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Molybdenum Coated Differential Pin for an Automotive Transaxle/Differential Assembly


Long wear life required on hardened steel differential pin/shaft for automotive transaxle/differential assembly. Traditional nickel plating did not provide adequate performance or life in this service application.


Apply wear resistant, low friction, anti-galling coating of pure molybdenum metal to the OD for long life and durability to withstand the demanding transaxle environment.

Molybdenum Coated Differential Pin for an Automotive Transaxle/Differential Assembly- Project Highlights


Successful enhancement of critical wear surfaces with a thermal sprayed coating. Coating has excellent bonding and has a longer life than traditional nickel plating.


Longer life product to ensure reliable operation of differential assembly in demanding service environment that traditional plating could not provide.

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Molybdenum Coated Differential Pin for an Automotive Transaxle/Differential Assembly Specifications

Product Description Transaxle- differential pin made from hardened steel and coated with pure molybdenum metal.
Capabilities /Processes/Services
  • Design Engineering Assistance
  • Prototype Development
  • Arc and Flame Spray Coating
  • High Volume Production
Coating Solution Benefits (Coating Properties)
  • Excellent Wear resistance and Abrasion resistance
  • Low friction
  • Anti-galling
  • Toughness
Overall Part Dimensions
  • O.D.: Ø .900”
  • Coating entire OD length of 3.000”
  • +/- .002” on as sprayed coating
  • Coating thickness .004-.008”
  • +/- .00023” diameter tolerance final diameter after grinding
Hardness 25-35 Rc
Temperature Rating 1,000°F
Material Used
  • Pure Molybdenum metal coating
  • Hardened Steel- part substrate
Max Material Finish 32 micro inch Ra finish or better after final grinding
Coating Color Medium Gray
Estimated Part Weight .2 lbs
Industry for Use Automotive, Other Vehicle
Quantity 50,00 per year to 600,000 per year
Delivery Time Ongoing, as needed
Standards Met Customer Defined Specifications

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