Molybdenum Coated Differential Pin for an Automotive Transaxle/Differential Assembly2021-07-16T16:24:17+00:00

Molybdenum Coated Differential Pin

Molybdenum Coated Differential Pin


Long wear life required on hardened steel differential pin/shaft for automotive transaxle/differential assembly. Traditional nickel plating did not provide adequate performance or life in this service application.


Apply wear resistant, low friction, anti-galling coating of pure molybdenum metal to the OD for long life and durability to withstand the demanding transaxle environment.


Successful enhancement of critical wear surfaces with a thermal sprayed coating. Coating has excellent bonding and has a longer life than traditional nickel plating.


Longer life product to ensure reliable operation of differential assembly in demanding service environment that traditional plating could not provide.


Transaxle- differential pin made from hardened steel and coated with pure molybdenum metal.

  • Design Engineering Assistance
  • Prototype Development
  • Arc and Flame Spray Coating
  • High Volume Production
  • Excellent Wear resistance and Abrasion resistance
  • Low friction
  • Anti-galling
  • Toughness
Automotive, Other Vehicle

50,00 per year to 600,000 per year

Ongoing, as needed

Customer Defined Specifications