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04-2012 - Jim Grundtner and Precision Coatings, Inc. are among a prestigious few in Thermal Spray.More Information



October 31, 2011 - St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jim Grundtner and Precision Coatings, Inc. are among a prestigious few in Thermal Spray

In the Fall of 2011, Jim Grundtner, VP Operations at Precision Coatings, Inc., became a Certified Thermal Spray Operator (CTSO) in 4 processes: Wire Arc Spray, Air Plasma Spray, HVOF, and Flame Spray. Currently, Jim manages and directs the operations at Precision Coatings, but has 25 years experience in thermal spray starting out as Plasma Spray Operator.

The ASM Thermal Spray Society has developed the CTSO certification program for the thermal spray community to recognize the quality of skills in the industry and enhance the value of certified Thermal Spray Operators.

Thermal sprayed coatings provide wear and corrosion resistance and other properties to solve performance problems of machine components in virtually every industry including: wind energy, commercial and military aircraft, medical devices and implants, food processing, automobile and truck engines, power generation, printing, packaging equipment, oil & gas processing, mining, electronics, and industrial/commercial pumps.

Jim Grundtner is 1 of only 22 who have been granted the certification since its launch earlier in 2011. He is one of even fewer who are certified in multiple processes.

As of October 2011, only 16 companies worldwide employed CTSO’s.

The Thermal Spray Certification process consists of three parts:

1. General Knowledge of Thermal Spray Fundamentals

2. Specific Process Knowledge: Wire Arc, HVOF, Air Plasma, Flame Spray, Cold Spray

3. Hands-On Performance Test: Specific process test specimens are made and evaluated in the lab.

The ASM Thermal Spray Society is the foremost organization for the operator, engineer or researcher and is an established society providing resources to the greater thermal spray community.

Precision Coatings, Inc, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a regional leader in providing full service thermal sprayed coatings including machining and grinding of complete components to a variety of industries. Founded by Matthias Grundtner in 1988, the company has continued its mission of providing quality coating solutions to customers nationwide and in Europe. This CTSO achievement is yet another indicator of Precision Coatings, Inc. commitment to outstanding quality and the advancement of Thermal Spray Coatings.

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