Precision Coatings, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Matt Grundtner and began by providing ceramic coating services on magnetic recording heads for several customers in the U.S. Matt holds several patents related to plasma spray coatings on magnetic recording heads. The coatings provide wear resistance to the critical surfaces on these devices that read the strips on the back of credit cards used by millions on a daily basis. The company grew and expanded to provide arc spray metals, HVOF sprayed tungsten carbides, and flame spray metals for wear and traction. PCI currently provides a full-range of services.

Current Services

PCI is a trusted applicator of thermal sprayed coatings and other industrial coatings to solve performance problems including wear, corrosion, friction, electrical and heat management problems. We serve primarily OEM manufacturers or their Tier 1 suppliers.

Our primary service is the application of thermal sprayed coatings of metals & ceramics applied by:

  • HVOF
  • Plasma
  • Electric Arc
  • Flame Spray

We offer full-service support including:

  • design engineering assistance
  • prototyping
  • thermal spray coating (Plasma, HVOF, Arc, Flame)
  • machining
  • grinding and lapping
  • complete component supply(machined/fabricated, coated, ground)
  • high volume automated production

We also provide liquid coating application including:

  • non-stick coatings (PTFE, fluoropolymers, DURA-SLIDE™ Series)
  • specialty painting

Precision Coatings, Inc. is supported by a well-trained staff and has over 60 years of experience in the coating industry. PCI has on staff one of the first individuals granted the Certified Thermal Spray Operator designation. We combine this high level of experience with innovative engineering and a customer focused process to provide quality coatings solutions in many industries. These industries include:

  • diesel engines
  • packaging machinery
  • emission control
  • electronics
  • wind energy
  • food processing
  • printing
  • pumps

Focus On Performance

At PCI the focus is product performance. The success of each customer’s project is important to us. We offer solutions and work with you every step of the way.

From the initial engineering sessions to the final evaluation of “in- use” performance, you can count on us.

Quality coatings and reliable service mark the company’s reputation, and we work hard to maintain this recognition.

We are Certified to ISO 9001:2015, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement in our operations. Each day the company strives to engineer and produce coatings that meet industry and customer needs of today and the future.