Corrosion Control Coatings

Many steel or cast iron wind turbine parts require ZINC or ZINC/ALUMINUM Metalizing and/or Epoxy or Polyurethane paint for corrosion protection to yield a service life of 10,15, 20 years.

Thermal sprayed zinc or zinc alloys and high quality paint coatings are industry standards to provide the CORROSION RESISTANCE and durability required.

Some drawings or specifications callout:

Metalize or Thermal Spray according to:

  • ISO 2063
  • ISO 14713
  • SSPC-CS 23.00/AWS.C2.23M/NACE No. 12
  • ANSI/AWS C2.18-93R

And/or Paint in accordance with ISO 12944

Precision Coatings has a full-service dedicated metalize and paint line with:

  • bridge cranes
  • robotic process controls
  • custom high capacity conveyor oven for precise paint curing.

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Part names include:

  • Yaw Beam, Torque Arm
  • Generator Feet, Top Arm
  • Spherical Bearing Housing
Corrosion Control Coatings

Precision Coatings can help you decipher the drawing and OEM specs and provide reliable, high quality service.

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