Dicronite® is a tungsten disulfide (WS2), dry film solid lubricant coating. This extremely thin film coating provides friction and sliding wear reduction that improves performance in various applications across numerous industries.

SEM Photo of Tungsten Disulfide

SEM Photo Of Tungsten Disulfide

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Common manufacturing applications that use Dicronite® include but are not limited to: 

electrical connectorsthreads

Key to Dicronite® dry lubrication’s wide range of applications are its:

  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction
  • Precision film thickness of 0.5 microns maximum (0.000020 inches)
  • Wide functional temperature span – 188°C to +538°C (up to +1316°C in vacuum)
  • Near ambient temperature (max 35°C) application process

Based on these key values, Dicronite® dry lubrication is proven worldwide for:

  • Friction and wear reduction
  • Anti-seize / anti-galling / anti-fretting
  • Plastic mold release and flow enhancement
  • Co-lubrication enhancement in combination with oils and greases
  • Co-deposit with Ni, Cr, Ti and many other coatings
  • In place of conventional lubricants in high-vacuum/temperature situations

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